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Don’t settle for quick fixes when your most valuable assets are at stake

In many ways this is a revisit to a similar piece I wrote back in July – discussing why the Oz Cloud File Centre provided a solution for those struggling with a Sophie’s choice between security and productivity in these difficult times. Since then I’ve had a series of conversations that have made me realise another area in which it can offer a real helping hand.

A number of people I’ve spoken to recently have mentioned the same problem. More often than not they run businesses in the legal or finance sectors and there’s something that’s keeping them all up at night (there are obviously a lot of things keeping them up at night but for the sake of this article…). Like so many of us, they’re having to continually adapt their ways of working in response to everything that’s going on. They were just about surviving on temporary fixes in the hope that they’d be able to have their people back in their offices by now. However, now that we’re almost certainly facing another six months of mass remote working, they’re in need of a more permanent solution to one thing in particular – securely sharing sensitive data and information.

The reason that this is a problem so prevalent in, although not exclusive to, the finance and legal sectors is the level of compliance they have to adhere to when it comes to sharing documents, data and information. The level of sensitivity involved makes security and trust in these situations absolutely paramount – their reputation and future depend on it. Whilst the larger organisations in these industries are able to afford the highly sophisticated, highly expensive solutions – these simply aren’t a viable option for the smaller organisations. So, in the face of mass remote working they’re having to improvise when it comes to file sharing and with this comes a constant fear.

That fear is that they’re one misstep away from a disaster, an instance where Dropbox or similar file sharing platform is exposed for its shortcomings when it comes to security. These platforms weren’t designed for these uses and as a result have holes when it comes to auditing, compliance and security.

And here, as they say, comes the point. When I wrote my original File Centre piece, my main point was that companies don’t need to make a choice between security and productivity because they can have both with the Oz Cloud File Centre.

And this applies to my friends who are lying awake at night, our File Centre can provide a simple, cost-effective solution to sharing files, data and other sensitive information. It’s completely fit for purpose – providing a digital filing cabinet that provides complete protection from all cyber threats.

On top of this, File Centre doesn’t require any system changes - allowing you to keep your current file structure without the need for a VPN to access your server. This makes it perfect for those with a physical file server on site that they’re not quite ready to part ways with. Simply point File Centre at your current file structure and you’ll have almost immediate access from anywhere. Gone are the days of having to duplicate your files and copying them into Dropbox or similar, you’ll have all your files available for remote access for the right people.

Whilst some might be able to get through this time with quick fixes, shortcuts and ‘hacks’, those in need of a genuine solution need look no further than our File Centre. Not only does it provide an easy-to-implement, efficient and secure way to access and share files remotely, it’s completely compliant with all relevant guidelines and policies. No compromises, no risks, no fuss.

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