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File Centre DMS

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Your office filing cabinet, accessible wherever you may be

File Centre DMS provides you with an easy-to-use document management system that allows you to quickly and easily find, file and edit documents online. Imagine having a perfectly organised filing cabinet at your fingertips, wherever you are.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented huge challenges for UK businesses as they were forced to quickly adapt to mass remote working, many for the first time. Those that have found the most success are the organisations that have taken advantage of the tools available to them to make the transition as smooth as possible.

File Centre DMS is specifically designed to enable business continuation at a time of maximum disruption. It has simplicity, usability and value for money at its core – providing a highly effective solution to file sharing and organisation.

Key features include:

· Intuitive interface

· Scan, organise and edit files all in one place

· Makes files fully searchable

· Files stored in Windows, rather than a database

· Maintain your own file structure

· Integrates with Sharepoint, Cloud drives and Windows

· Share documents for signature

As well as streamlining your file sharing and management processes, File Centre DMS also enables you to take significant steps towards becoming entirely paperless.

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